Helpful Guides

Introduction to MarcEdit Formatted Handout: this guide was a companion to the Introduction to MarcEdit workshop for the Collections Department at the University of Toronto Libraries. Both were developed and delivered with Antonio Muñoz Gómez (Metadata librarian) and Sarah Gorman (TALint student)

NavigatingExcelWorkshop: This workshop will build a strong foundation for using Excel. Following the results of a pre-workshop survey, we focused on workbooks and worksheets, the menu ribbon, and file formats. Additionally, we addressed keyboard shortcuts, best practices we’ve learned from our own work, and other excel “hacks” to help you master navigation! The terminology used in this workshop will also help you feel more confident searching online for ways to tackle new tasks in excel, and will be used in our later workshops.

ExcelWorkshop_FFF: Excel is a great tool to use to analyze relatively large, but not gigantic, amounts of data. In this workshop we will introduce formulas and functions (functions are simply pre-defined formulas provided in excel), and fuzzy lookup/fuzzy matching (which can determine the similarity between rows in two different tables for comparing messy data).