Presentations & Workshops

Below are selected workshops and presentations I’ve delivered/will be delivering on topics relating to librarianship.


Introduction to OpenRefine, Instructor, University of Toronto Libraries, Upcoming March 11, 2019.

Discovering & Developing your Core Competencies to Structure your Career Trajectory, Upcoming April 15, 2019. 2019 Information & Museum Studies Conference, University of Toront

Excel Mini-series, University of Toronto Libraries. Curriculum to include four lessons: Navigating Excel; Preparing Your Data and Beginning to Analyze with Excel; Functions, Formulas and Fuzzy Matching; Pivot tables and Introduction to Data Viz. Workshop materials available here.


Introduction to OpenRefine, Host, University of Toronto Libraries, Upcoming March 11, 2019.

Introduction to Handling Data and SQL, Code4Lib 2019, Pre-Conference Workshop, February 19, 2019.

Introduction to MarcEdit Workshop, University of Toronto Libraries, March 9, 2018 with Antonio Muñoz Gomez and Sarah Gorman. Handout available here.


INF*2173 Final Showcase, iSchool, University of Toronto. July 18, 2018

Meerkats and Symphonies: cases for collaboration in library technical services Transforming the Community: NASIG 33rd Annual Conference. June 8, 2018

Using Core Competencies as a Compass University of Toronto Libraries Town Hall: April 5, 2018

Traditional Knowledge and Knowledge Bases OCULA Lightning Strikes Competition, OLA Super Conference: February 1, 2018. Winner of the 2018 Lightning Strikes Award

I know it’s around here somewhere… The importance of good metadata standards for research data DLI Regional Training: December 6, 2017