Metadata Librarian Projects

Library Services Platform (LSP) Migration

Developed and implemented metadata clean-up projects in preparation for the migration to Alma, resulting in over 425,000 changed bibliographic records between July and November 2019.

Prepared, modified, and performed quality assurance on large amounts of data (more than 3 million records) during the Alma Test Loads.

Heavily involved in the Library Services Platform (LSP) migration through the LSP Management Team, Metadata Management Team, and Training Support Team.

Developed and piloted a “flipped classroom” style Homework Help session, which were implemented as part of the LSP remote training offerings for staff.


Indigenous Metadata Working Group

Co-chair of the Indigenous Metadata working group. Current priorities include developing a statement on harmful language and removing offensive subject headings from display.

Serials Harmonization Working Group

Sole chair June – Oct. 2020, co- chair Oct. 2020 – Dec. 2021. Improving consistency and quality in serials metadata, resulting in improved discoverability for patrons. Major projects include programatically adding over 21,000 summary notes (866 fields) that were migrated incorrectly, and co-ordinating staff from 24 University of Toronto libraries to correctly modify 22,869 call numbers in 2 months prior to migration.

Staff Training

University of Toronto Alma Training Series

  • sets and jobs in Alma
  • e-resource management and workflow

Excel workshop series (documentation on the guides page)

  • Navigating Excel (for new users)
  • Functions, Formulas and Fuzzy Matching


Collection and System Maintenance

Certified Alma Administrator

  • comfortable with creating normalization rules and processes
  • creating and using import profiles
  • resource configurations

E-Resource Management

  • managing metadata and access to over 4 million e-resources using a combination of local collections / portfolios and Alma Community Zone collections / portfolios
  • troubleshooting e-resource problems such as:
    • incorrect metadata
    • broken urls
    • Central Discovery Index (CDI) problems
    • display configurations (i.e. errors with the PrimoVE deduplication function)
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