A&I Cleanup

One of the first projects I worked on during my TALint position at the University of Toronto Libraries, Sarah Gorman and I were tasked with cleaning up our 700+ title A&I collection with the goal of improving access for our patrons. We each took half of the records, and began analyzing them individually to determine url quality, the existence of catalogue record(s), concurrent users and coverage dates, as well as their availability in the knowledge base that we use. We determined courses of action based on groups of problems, such as broken links, expired access, and complicated nested collections (where one database existed within another, but may or may not be searchable in a single point). These solutions often included:

  1. Tracking the resource in the knowledge base where applicable
  2. Deleting poor quality records and replacing with knowledge base or OCLC records
  3. Requesting licensing clarification and modifying records accordingly

In total, we revised, replaced, or deleted over 600 records, and identified approximately 200 database records to add to our catalogue.

The poster below was presented at the 2018 TRY+ Conference about the project in conjunction with Karen Ho, who was working on a similar project about access.


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